10 Things People Worry About When Getting A Massage

  1. Hairy legs and pits – What I tell my female clients who worry about this is that half my clients don’t shave their legs or underarms (men of course).
  2. Body odor – Its true it is pleasant to work with a freshly showered body, however, getting home from the office, showering and running put all to get a Relaxing massage seems almost counter-productive. So, unless you smell like the open end of a landfill methane vent, come as you are. Most likely its not as bad as you think! Also, essential oils like Lavender or Black Spruce can work wonders to make you feel more relaxed.
  3. Flatulence – We all know just how embarrassing it is to pass gas in front of others. That said, just remember that the other names for relaxation are Parasympathetic Response and Rest and Digest. The later, of course, being the clue. When we relax we are giving our bodies permission to recover and repair. This includes slower heart rates, lower blood pressure, and increased kidney, intestine and stomach activity. This can sometimes bring about flatulence. While embarrassing, it is normal and your therapist will treat it as such.
  4. Stomach rumbles – Increased stomach activity is very normal during a massage. While we do recommend you eat light before a massage, your body may still take the opportunity to catch up on digestion. Don’t worry, the therapists stomach may rumble as well. Giving a massage can be almost as relaxing as getting one.
  5. CryingPeople cry during massage for a couple of reasons:
    a. As anxiety leaves the body can turn its attention to responding to the stress. Shaking, crying and sometime laughing can all be part of the parasympathetic response.
    b. When a muscle that has been injured or one that may be holding a spiritual or psychological hurt is treated, sometime a memory is triggered. This memory will then cause the patient to react. Some cry or shake. Even waves of nausea have been known to happen. If this should happen to you, you can expect the therapist to stay aloof, offer a tissue and allow you to release the energy causing the response. She/he may also offer other forms of alternative healing that may be beneficial. If at any time you want to stop the massage feel free to do so.
  6. Erections – A lot of men fear this response. Just know that erections tend to be parasympathetic in nature which would be a normal response during massage. If you are concerned about erections during massage, we recommend you wear briefs instead of boxers or a Speedo type swimsuit.
  7. Body size – Feeling a little insecure about your body shape and condition is understandable. But, massage therapists do not judge body types, just body tissue. We are focused on your particular concerns and are thinking of a treatment plan for you. We are concerned about your comfort and pain levels throughout the massage so the therapist may check in with you more than normal your first visit. It is all part of getting to know you and how your body responds to massage.
  8. Bad breath – Rarely are therapists close enough for bad breath to be an issue. If you are concerned simply voice it. Most of the time that is enough to let it go and enjoy your massage.
  9. Falling asleep – Most people do not fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the entire massage. Most will take short naps or fall asleep and awaken several times during a session. All of this is normal and often just what you need. Remember relaxing is giving your body permission to repair itself. So, chill out and enjoy your down time. If you snore we’ll never tell and if you drool….is a compliment.
  10. Talking/ not talking – People vary on the subject of talking during a massage. The therapist should always take his/her cue from the patient. Some get on the table and release through talking others just want to be silent. Still others will talk part time and be silent part time. It really is up to you.

Melissa Jarufe, LMT