Aroma Share Club

Aroma Share Here at New Life, we believe in essential oils! I am sure that there are many out there who do. If you are one of them or have always wanted to learn more about essentials, come join Mesha Moor and Me (Melissa Jarufe) as we experience each month a few oils at a time through the Youngevity Aroma Share Club. Each month, three or four oils are sent out as part of a kit to help introduce the oils and teach you how to work with them. We will learn about them how to blend them and experiment with them in different ways.

The cost of the club is only $50 per month. When you consider that the average oil will cost $30 to $35 dollars and the average blend is about $50 dollars, this is a FANTASTIC deal. The only cost to you for this event will be the cost of the club plus a ready made container kit for the purpose of making the blends and sprays outlined on the worksheet sent with the oils each month. this of course is optional.

There are several very good and reliable essential oil companies out there, but we will be using essential oils by Youngevity. These oils are 100% pure and have been tested for purity and quality based on a variety of measures such as location , soil analysis, and time of harvest just to name a few. Youngevity employs literally the highest standards in the essential oil market when it comes to growing, harvesting and extracting the oils. Because of this most of the oils, with a few exceptions, are able to be used internally as well as externally. The exceptions have to do with blending do to high cost of availability and extraction (i.e. Rose, Frankincense, Jasmine and Helichrysum) and extraction methods.

Always consult the manufacturer of ANY essential oil before taking internally.