How to Avoid ‘Belly Bloat’

Belly BloatI’m sure we’ve all experienced it from time to time, that occasional belly bloat. I tend to notice mine when I’m trying on new clothes (of
course) and I think to myself, “Wow, where did that belly come from?”

Lucky for me and most healthy adults, belly bloat is caused from intestinal gas which can be easily avoided. With summer quickly approaching, I’m sure we all want to look our best in that certain outfit or just our clothes in general so I’ve made a quick checklist to help us all avoid the dreaded “Belly Bloat”.

1) Did I eat enough fiber today? (which helps one to avoid constipation) I then consider how many fruits and vegetables I ate. (I’m on a juicing kick which really helps me to consume more dark leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts which are all high in fiber) It’s recommended that women get 23 grams of fiber a day and men 38 grams a day.

2) Did I get the recommended 6-8 glasses of water today?
3) What did I do for exercise today? Just a quick walk around the block for 30 minutes or a bike ride helps regulate and stimulate the intestinal tract which helps with belly bloat.
4) Did I take my time eating or did I rush through my meal(s)? It’s recommended that we take 30 minutes to eat our food to help aid in digestion by chewing our food more thoroughly and to avoid inhaling to much air which can get trapped and also cause bloating.
5) How much salt did I eat today? Eating foods high in sodium (higher than 500mg) can also cause belly bloat due to water retention.

Going through this list usually helps me find the culprit that caused it. As I stated earlier, I’ve been on a juicing kick now for about a week and I have found that it not only satisfies my hunger, but also helps me to avoid belly bloat.

One of my favorites that I make is a smoothie that has cucumbers, ginger, parsley and lemon – all which have anti-inflammatory benefits. I also add yogurt which aids good bacteria, an apple and if I’m feeling feisty, a little cayenne pepper just to spice things up a bit.

Even though most of us aren’t comfortable talking about it, intestinal health is very important since the intestinal tract contains good bacteria which help fight illnesses and infections throughout the body. Always remember: Happy Intestines make a Happy Body!

Marie Pietras, LMT
May 2016