Bamboo Fusion Massage

Bamboo Fusion Massage

Bamboo Fusion Massage

What can I expect in a Bamboo Fusion massage?

Innovative as it is practical, Bamboo Fusion massage therapy provides a deep tissue massage using the versatility of heated bamboo.   If you like Deep Tissue massage you are going to LOVE this form of massage!  

“I’m being rolled out like cookie dough!”

That is one of the most common observations clients make when experiencing Bamboo Fusion for the first time.  

That’s because, various sizes of bamboo and rattan are heated to 110 – 120 ‘F and used to warm the tissues; literally rolling away aches and pains.

Clients usually begin laying face down on the table covered by a light sheet. The therapist then prepares the body by applying an all natural oil or cream.

Once the oil has been applied, the therapist massages the lower and upper body; first with 6 ‘ half round pieces of rattan, then with the longer round pieces of bamboo.  

When the back is done, the client rolls on to his/her back and the bamboo is used to roll out the large muscle groups of the thigh.  

The small half pieces are used on the arms, neck, and shoulders.  Finally, comes the face!  Ahhhh… small, warm tools are used to melt away tension from the forehead, cheeks and jaw.

 If you have never had a warm face massage with bamboo, your missing a real treat.  Each piece of Bamboo or rattan is carefully hand-crafted and shaped to glide smoothly over the body.

The wide surface of the bamboo along with the warmth allows for a deeper more effectual  opening of the body’s fascia, muscle fibers, and connective tissue.

 Is Bamboo Fusion massage right for you?

While Bamboo Fusion massage can be performed on a variety of body types and sizes, it is not for everyone.

If you have a serious illness (such as HIV/AIDS, Lupus, cancer, etc…), extremely sensitive skin, or bone loss (osteoporosis), you should opt to go with a more traditional type of massage such as relaxation or oncology (when applicable) or energy work.


  • More gentle form of Deep Tissue
  • Increased freedom of movement in muscles and joints
  • Increase flow of oxygen in blood
  • Promotes lymphatic flow and release of toxins
  • Creates more supple skin through renewing cell tissue
  • Soothes nerve endings reducing pain

A Little History

Of course bamboo has been around for centuries. It has been and continues to be a useful and beneficial material used throughout many civilization both ancient and modern.  We see it used for cooking utensils, dinnerware, chopping blocks, cutting tools, flooring, floor mats, sheets, and many other applications.  

It is unclear if bamboo was actually used to massage people in ancient times, but in this day and age it is one of the more popular forms of massage.  Nathalie Cecilia is most often credited with first using bamboo in the massage field.  

She developed a technique called Bamboo-Fusion in efforts to take the stress and strain off her hands and wrists.  Today she teaches this wonderful form of massage with bamboo to many therapist across the USA.

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A wise man once said, ” You will spend time and money to be sick or time and money to be well.”

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