Beat Carpel Tunnel Without Surgery

Carpel-TunnelDid you know that deep tissue massage is a very effective, yet often overlooked, way to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? If your job requires long hours using your hands in repetitive motion you know the agony of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Many have tried chiropractic and physical therapy, medications, braces and even surgery to no avail, because the root cause is best addressed via massage. Massage can even help MS patients affected in their shoulder and arm region find relief from Carpal Tunnel like symptoms.

Here’s why. While the pain of Carpal Tunnel is felt primarily in the wrist and palm, the actual root cause begins in the area between the ear, shoulder, and clavicle or the Thoracic Outlet.

Deep in the thoracic outlet are cervical nerves which move muscles that shrug the shoulder, tilt the head, raise the first and second rib, and move the arm, forearm, wrist, and hand. Repetitive actions or spasticity contract these muscles squeezing the nerves (specifically the Median nerve) and reducing blood flow. The lack of nutrition from blood and compression cause irritation and inflammation.

Skillful massage relaxes the muscles from shoulder to hand relieving discomfort and crippling pain. Of, course the cure is not overnight, but in most cases regular massage and proper physical therapy can help to avoid surgery and clear up the pain all together. If you suffer from this painful condition, don’t delay give us a call today and get on the road to real recovery.

Melissa Jarufe
September 2016