Cleanse Your Body & Mind with Reiki

Sheila_Reiki_3Many people have a spring cleaning ritual for their homes to clear out accumulated clutter over the winter months. But have you ever considered nurturing yourself by clearing out your physical body and mind of ‘debris’?

Imagine how much lighter you could feel if you made this a routine practice every year! A Reiki cleansing rids the mind and body of all negativity.

For example, when Reiki energy is channeled into the lymphatic system (which carries cellular debris and toxins from the organs and tissues to other body systems) it is stimulated and accelerates the process of cleaning out built-up toxins and waste in cells.

A Reiki cleansing balances the seven energy systems in the body and allows you to release unhealthy patterns, addictions, cravings, and emotions. To maximize the cleansing effects of Reiki, follow up your session with a relaxing and healthy hot stone massage to further cleanse the body of those unwanted toxins.

For more information about our Spring Cleaning Package, call us at 440-930-2044. You’ll be happy you did!

Sheila Buchanan, Reiki Master
April 2016


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