Energy Healing Services

Energy Healing

In our quest for better health and well-being, it’s only natural we that we should seek answers beyond Western medicine; beyond even natural homeopathy remedies. Sometimes we seek answers to our emotional or personal dilemmas from within and that can be a wise choice. But how to unlock our own self-healing powers can also be yet another challenge. That is where energy healing comes into play. We hope you will read on, begin a new journey of self-discovery or be further enlightened on your existing one.

Meditation & Sai Shakti Healing


Ahhh… the sound of “Silence”. If you have never sat in complete silence or you don’t think your mind will let you, then we invite you to try the “Find the Silence Within” private, one on one Meditation classes.

You will learn ancient techniques for quieting the mind allowing you to become more and more comfortable in complete silence. In fact, after a few sessions, you may find more peace and joy sitting in silence than ever before. This meditation is a mantra meditation that allows you to deal with monkey mind in an effective and productive manner while addressing a wide variety of life’s difficulties.

Sai Shakti Energy Healing

We all face hardship and heartache in life. Getting through these times is all about how we view the situation and how we develop a plan for success. But old thought patterns and negativity can hamper us. Sai Shakti energy healing can help you get on your own right road to healthy thought patterns and action plans.

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Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) & Transformational Life Coaching

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Sometimes due to stress, anxiety, or trauma sometimes our emotions can literally get stuck in our body. EFT is a tool to help you connect your body with those emotions so as to “unclog” or re-establish the pathways by which your emotions can leave not just our mind and spirit but your body as well. The great news is that it is easily taught and can become part of a self-care regime creating an avenue for a healthier you all the way around!

Transformational Life Coaching

There may be many reasons why you feel a life coach may be right for you. Maybe you are just starting out in life and want to be sure you are on the right track for you. Maybe you have been through a life-changing experience and want to get back on track. Or, maybe you have reached a point in life that you want to reinvent yourself. Whatever the reason, Transformational Life Coaching can help. Don’t wait another day.

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