Find “The Silence Within”

Two of the most common things I hear when mentioning meditation are
1. ” I have always wanted to be able to meditate”.
2. ” I could never learn to meditate. My mind wonders too much”.

The later, of course, is the most worrisome to people. But did you know first, that is normal and suffered by everyone, even those with established practices? And second, that there are special techniques you can use to help control those “Monkey Mind” tendencies? We all know that meditation

But, did you know that meditation helps to identify emotional and spiritual blocks? With the guidance of a knowledgeable and well-seasoned meditation instructor, you can learn how to identify blocks and work through them.

As you work through blocks and begin to feel more at ease in an environment of silence, you will discover meditation awakens self-awareness to personal truth, power, and wisdom. Meditation allows you to dispense negativity and embrace true peace and joy in your life.

Melissa Jarufe ,LMT

May 2017