The Physicality of Being Happy

woman-570883_960_720Can making a conscious decision to live a happier more peaceful life have lasting, positive physiological effects on your body?

According to Harvard School of Public Health, it can. Much has been written about the effects of negative emotions on the human body. These writings suggest that prolonged stress such as anger, frustration, and fear have negative physiological effects on the body.

Eventually, this constant state of “Fight or Flight” can cause chronic illness, heart disease, diabetes and a plethora of other very undesirable effects such as atherosclerosis and systemic inflammation.

In children this “toxic stress” can set up patterns of sudden recurring physiological responses such as increased heart rate, blood pressure, and levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine.

So, choosing to being happy, content and peaceful can actually give one a new lease on life! Of course, it is not that easy so here are few areas to work on in your New Life.

Emotional Vitality
Have you ever been around one of those people who just seems to light the room when they are a round? No, no one expects you to suddenly change your personality but you get the point. These people have an enthusiasm for life that is almost catching. When speaking with them you feel they are genuinely interested in you and when they leave you feel valued.

These people have sunshine in their soul. It is real and you know it. You appreciate their outlooks and value their comments.

Support Network
This one is hard because we often think of a support network as members of our own family. But often they are not. More often they are friends that feel like what family ought to be. Don’t be discouraged. Love your family members, but learn who is beneficial to have in your everyday life and who is not.

These people have been tested. They can share their stories with optimism and peace. They emanate confidence because they have been through tough times and survived. But most of all they are confident YOU can survive your current tribulation as well. So, believe them and pass it on!

Melissa Jarufe
July 2016