Living with Hardship

Keep Moving Forward

Families and individuals face multiple challenges daily from physical to financial. My family is no exception! When I ask my husband “What are we going to do?” Without hesitation his immediate response is always “Just keep moving forward.” It seems like such a superficial response doesn’t it? Actually, it is very sound advice.

When you are not sure what to do, continue to act in a way that brings you closer to resolution: even if you are not sure what that resolution may be. I know it sounds strange, but most of us have or are currently suffering from “Atlas Syndrome”.

Atlas was the Greek God charged with holding up the sky. His task was huge and there was no apparent way of getting out from underneath his terrible burden. Thus, the Atlas Syndrome is the thought or feeling of being overwhelmed with no end in sight, no way out.

According to Hans TenDam, Author of “People Make the World”, one way to combat the Atlas syndrome is to minimize this feeling of powerlessness. The more we act to resolve a stressful situation the more we feel empowered. “Just keep moving forward”.

In other words, whatever your challenge may be, think of something positive you can do each day no matter how small. Make a plan to act in some positive way everyday. Soon a solution will present itself and you will be in a more empowered state of mind to take advantage of it.