Kids Need Yoga Too!

Curios about kids’ yoga but thinking “Why would kids need yoga?!” ? maybe you think “Yoga is for stress relief, kids don’t have stress!”, or “Yoga is just to get flexible, kids are already bendy…”. I’d like to share a few things…

First of all, unfortunately, in today’s world kids do have a lot of stress. They are bombarded daily with academics, sports, social pressures…the list goes on. Kids’ yoga can help to give them tools to calm anxiety, as well as giving them a non-competitive, relaxing way to get their bodies and imaginations moving, which can help combat stress.

Kids’ yoga is also about so much more than flexibility. The yoga environment gives kids a safe space to explore movement in order to gain fitness, balance, and work on coordination, which helps instill self awareness and healthy self-image at an early age. Kids’ yoga classes also encourage kids to be playful and silly, something which, sadly, kids don’t have a lot of time for these days.

There are many reasons for kids to do yoga. Some top reasons are:
-Build self-esteem
-Prevent sports injuries
-Help kids learn to control emotions
-Develop listening skills
-Help kids deal with life’s stress
-Improve balance and coordination

The best way to discover all the benefits of kids’ yoga is to try out a class!!!

Kate Matos



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