Life Coaching And Wellness Coaching

Empower Yourself To Find The Answers Within

Whether it’s about relationships, business, career, fitness, happiness, or other personal growth goals chances are you have the answers within yourself.    

All you need is the right tools to allow you to access them.


What Does a Life Coach Do?

Life Coach professionals help their clients:
Discover authenticity in living
Define dreams and goals
Help uncover and later dismantle sabotaging belief systems
Build better relationships
Live happier lives

 What Does A Weight Coach Do?

Wellness coaches help their clients:
Discover what motivates them
Define fitness goals
Make better choices to fit the desired lifestyle

Why Do I Need A Coach?

Have you ever gotten a little or a lot stuck in finding your path? Have you ever known where you wanted to be but just could not figure out how to get there?  If so, Life and /or Wellness Coaching maybe be what you need to start living the life you have imagined.

At New Life, we care about the whole you and so do our affiliate Life and Wellness Coaches.  We invite you to read on and find out more about them.  We have provided their contact information so feel free to call or email them at your convenience.  

Explore their website, attend their classes become a better version of you.

Your Life Coaches

Jim Kargakos
Certified Life Coach
Professor of Psychology at Kent State University
Olympus Life Coaching

Melanie Shmois
Certified Life and Weight Coach and Clinical Therapist
Mind Your Strength