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Massage Services

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Just chill out!

Relaxation massage is all about letting go. Some may think that relaxation massage is just a “fluffy” massage. But, if you have ever suffered from anxiety, grief, or severe illness, you know just how important having a few moments to yourself to unwind can be. Relaxation massage can be with light or firm pressure, but the session is not focused on working any knots out. Come ready to just chill out. Learn More


It hurts right here!

Therapeutic massage addresses those specific issues that come up from time to time. Maybe you have played the weekend warrior and your low back is tight and achy or you have lifted something too heavy and your shoulder has a kink. Whatever the cause therapeutic massage gets right to the heart of it. If it is an old injury you may want to schedule a 90-minute session for the first visit.

Deep Tissue

Ironing out the kinks!

Deep Tissue massage therapy eases into the deeper levels of tight, sore muscles, relaxing tissues and easing the pain. By using techniques designed to first release the fascia, bound up muscles can, more easily, return to their normal resting shape and lengths reducing pain and discomfort. This, of course, takes time. If rushed one can feel more sore than before massage and even ill the next day. For this reason, we only do a 90-minute Deep Tissue.


Lets’ get moving again!

Orthopedic Massage (OM) is a protocol, a system of various tried and tested massage therapy techniques designed to identify, treat, and restore functional and structural balance to the body. OM utilizes techniques from many different bodywork disciplines and focuses on the origin of dysfunction in efforts to restore and prevent further dysfunction. This form of therapy relies not skill of the massage therapist as well as the patient’s “follow-through” commitment to restore and maintain a healthy balance of the body. Learn More


Ahhh… that’s better!

Oncology massage is often referred to “Comfort-Oriented” massage. It differs from a regular massage in that it addresses the patient’s concerns only in efforts to bring comfort. While many techniques may be utilized, the goal is to keep the client’s specific concerns for that day in mind. There may be instances where massage is not advised, but for the most part, it is thought to bring aid and comfort to a group of people that suffer greatly with a debilitating and life-threatening illness.

Bamboo Fusion

Feels sooo… good!

Innovative as it is practical, Bamboo Fusion massage therapy provides a deep muscle massage using the versatility of heated bamboo. Various sizes of bamboo and rattan are heated to a comfortable 110 degrees and used to warm the tissues literally rolling away aches and pains. Are you looking for deep tissue massage? Here is a wonderful way to get that deep tissue feel without the soreness that can often accompany traditional deep tissue massage.

Hot Stone

Intensely relaxing!

Hot Stone therapy is an intensely relaxing massage in which warm stones are placed at specific sites on the body to help open up the body’s energy meridians (energy pathways). Then, as an extension of their own hands and energy fields, the massage therapist uses stones to warm muscle tissue allowing for gentler and deeper manipulation of the tissue. For those suffering from circulatory blood issues, this massage comes highly recommended. Learn More


For baby and me!

Prenatal massage is relaxing and rejuvenating. It focuses on revitalizing the body and alleviating aches and pains associated with pregnancy. This massage modality will help the expecting mother to rid her body of excess swelling, improve her ability to move and bend, help with back pain and all her other aches. Not to mention your baby will like it as well. Learn More

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