Meditation and The Science Behind It


Stress is a part of everyday life, whether it’s a job, family or just driving from point A to point B, we all know how it feels.

Meditating on a daily basis or even a regular basis can help calm one’s nerves as well as help manage the day to day stresses of life. Did you also know it’s been proven to change your brain?

According to a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Sara Lazar, brain scans prove it as well as the benefits of mindfulness techniques. (

After studying long time meditators, she found that they have more gray matter in the part of their brain that enhances your senses as well as another area, the frontal cortex, which controls our decision making as well as our memory.

Other studies have shown that it helps decrease negative emotions, stress and anxiety and increase positive emotions. It also helps with our attention, focus and being more positive. According to an article in Psychology Today by Emma Seppala, Ph.D. it helps to decrease pain, decreases inflammation at the cellular level as well as increases immune function. (

If all that research doesn’t convince you, then feel free to give us a call at 440-930-2044 and ask to speak with Mesha Moor who facilitates meditation at New Life Massage and Whole Living Solutions. She has studied and also lived in India for 12 years and will be more than happy to give you additional information from her many years of experience.

For those of you who are scared of meditation, I can tell you that it’s as easy as closing your eyes and breathing. Yep, that’s all it is. By focusing on your breathing and the sound of your breath you become calmer and more relaxed. You also start to hear your heartbeat which is also a relaxing sound. So just take a deep breath and relax.

Marie Pietras, LMT
May 2016


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