MIND OVER MATTER Detoxing Body Mind and Spirit

Culinary_fruits_front_viewIt seems like Detoxing is all the craze today. Everywhere you look whether it’s the grocery store, vitamin shop, health food store or online, there are multiple products on the market claiming that the ingredients in their specific product is the ABSOLUTE BEST for detoxing.

Trust me when I tell you that for the 13 plus years that I worked for Preventive Medicine Group and the late great Dr. James Frackelton, there were many, many more that came across my desk. Although he never personally recommended any of them, he would tell his patients who wanted to do a colon cleanse (like colon hydrotherapy) to go ahead and do it.

A lot of patients thought that it was a cure all for whatever ailed them. Although I wasn’t permitted to say this next sentence to them, it is the truth, “Keep in mind, however, that colon cleansing is only one type of detoxing method and it probably isn’t the only one that you need!”

Sure we all need to detox our bodies every once in a while considering all of the ‘junk food’ or food with empty calories such as potato chips, soft drinks and most over the counter snacks that we consume especially when we’re in a hurry or stressed out and don’t have time to make a good snack.

But a physical detox is only for our physical bodies. We need to detox our minds too considering all of the “junk” information that we process throughout the day from the time we wake up until the time we fall asleep (for those of us who are lucky enough to shut down our minds long enough to catch some shut eye) as well as our spirit too. This brings me to my main point of it simply being a case of “Mind over Matter”!

Few of us realize that we have control over our thoughts which often times leads to our actions such as insomnia, stress or acting out. If we can learn how to calm down our mind and think things through without allowing our emotions to get in the way, than our actions will be much more productive as will our behaviors and sleep patterns.

How is this possible, you may ask? It’s as easy as taking a few seconds to take 3 deep breaths, learning meditation from Mesha Moor, having a Reiki session with Sheila Buchanan or all three! The latter two will help to teach you how to be the best mentally and emotionally that you can be! For more information about massage, meditation or Reiki, you can visit our website at nlmwholeliving.com or give us a call. You’ll be happy and even relieved that you did!

Marie Pietras, LMT
March 2016


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