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Melanie Shmois, MSSA, LISW-S, Licensed Therapist
Certified Life and Weight Coach, Sole Proprietor
Ph: (216) 225-8602

A Little About Me

Hello, I am Melanie Shmois, Certified Life and Weight coach, clinical therapist, blogger, mom, wife, friend, mediator, and fitness enthusiast. I have a B.A. from John Carroll University and a Masters in Applied Social Science from Case Western Reserve University. I also am certified in life and weight coaching from the Life Coach School.


Why am I a Life and Weight Coach?

I was overweight myself and promised that if I found the solutions to both self-love and weight management, I would share them with others. In keeping with this promise, clients that have worked with me have found that they are able to love their bodies and themselves both during the process and after reaching their goal weight.

They no longer have the constant chatter about food and body-image and are able to live a healthy lifestyle without the stress of counting calories and measuring portions.

Why did I Create Mind Your Strength?

I created Mind Your Strength Coaching to help people who have found success through exercise or a health program but still feel something is missing. I teach clients how to manage their minds, and as a result, their emotions in order to take control of their lives and create the results they desire.

Surprisingly enough these strategies end up being the key to permanent weight loss. I teach people how to listen to their own body cues, and thus, reinforcing a true mind-body connection.

Together, I help clients find their underlying causes of overeating and how to manage these feelings without turning to food, how to decrease their desire to binge and to stop shaming themselves. I also teach clients how to look at exercise in a different way.

My Philosophy

This may be a different belief compared to what’s out there, but I believe exercise shouldn’t be used for weight loss. Instead, it is a gift you give yourself through movement. Exercise has changed my life, but I found that I was unable to keep the high going outside the workout until I did my own thought work.

I no longer rely on external forces to bring me joy. I teach a transformative thought model that can be applied to all of life stressors to lessen suffering.

The importance of meditation is also a big focal point as more and more studies are finding it is the key to improving mental functioning.

My Motto:

Train your mind as hard as you train your body!

How It Works

I work with clients primarily over the phone, but also offer Skype, Zoom, and in person sessions (Avon Lake office). I offer six and twelve week packages. To learn more please visit my website mindyourstrength.com where you can sign up for an informative video about the Hunger Scale, receive my blogs, and sign up for a free mini-session.

I really welcome an opportunity to work with you! So let’s get started!

Thank you,

“All change begins in your mind; Healing the mind will release the weight”

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