Mindfulness Meditation Through Yoga

Each time you turn your attention to the breath, you are learning to be present in the moment. You are learning to be Mindful.
Healing occurs in the present moment. Take a few moments to be mindful with this brief exercise.
  • ALLOW yourself to experience your feelings and witness your thoughts, without trying to push anything away or change it.
  • JUST BE here as you are. Fully present, accepting yourself and allowing life to unfold moment by moment.
  • AS YOU LEARN TO BE PRESENT with yourself, you begin to trust in life. You begin to trust your own journey of unfolding.
  • AS YOU SIT HERE, WHERE DO YOU SENSE YOUR BREATH? Is it at the nostrils, a thin column of air moving in and out… Or is it at your chest?  Just sense your breath.
  • NOTICE IT.  Notice your breath without trying to change it. Stay with it for a few minutes. Just keep noticing your breath.
If your attention wanders, come back to the breath. Gently, with great kindness towards yourself, bring your attention back to the breath. To the here and now.

This breath. This moment. This in-breath, this out-breath.

The practice of yoga can lead us into a meditative state.   And meditation is one of the most profound ways for healing and for learning.

If you followed this reading and stayed present with your breath, you have just practiced mindfulness meditation! You can practice mindfulness anywhere and anytime. Waiting in a line up at the grocery store, washing dishes, or brushing your teeth.

Noticing that your breath is always here for you. Your breath is your anchor, 
a trustworthy place you can always return to. 

Margo Gemperline


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