How To Be More Mindful

Sitting-on-a-bench,-looking-at-each-otherTaking time to be mindful of others is a good start. It is a great way to improve relationships and develop self-awareness.

Here are some tips on improving your relationship with others through being more mindful:




1. Notice the impact you have on each other
Thinkstock: Mindfulness is paying attention or noting whatever is happening in the moment with a
gentle and open mind.

2. Pay attention to your partner’s facial expressions when you’re saying something.
Thinkstock: If you’re fully present and aware of how your partner is reacting to your words, you’ll
be more able to facilitate good communication.

3. When you’re out to dinner, agree to put your smartphones away.
Thinkstock: Give your partner your full attention. Your screens can wait!

4. When you’re doing an activity like walking, designate part of the time to be in silence together,
simply aware of sights and sounds.
Thinkstock: As you both take in your surroundings, you’ll be more able to speak honestly and

5. Be present for the happy, fun moments, so they take priority.
Thinkstock: You definitely don’t want to miss out on the good stuff.

6. Respond rather than react in the angry, fearful moments.
Thinkstock: And when the bad stuff comes, don’t let your anger explode – instead, take a deep
breath and respond thoughtfully.

7. Approach your partner with curiosity so that you can continue to get to know him or her.
Thinkstock: You’ll find that no matter how long you’ve been together, there is always more to

8. Be present for what your partner is saying without the need to solve his or her problem.
Thinkstock: Often, your presence is what your partner needs even more than advice.

9. Relax and just listen.
Thinkstock: Good communication helps enable you to meet each other’s needs and builds trust.

10. Being present for each other will help you feel more deeply connected.
Thinkstock: Mindfulness will help you feel more love!

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