Mesha Moor

As good as massage therapy is for mind, body, and soul, sometimes you need other ideas to round out your plan for health and well-being.  When that happens we hope you will find the answer with one of our affiliates.  These contractors are all licensed/certified and have our full confidence; we know they will earn yours.

Mesha Moor began her spiritual quest as a young girl. This quest has taken her too many parts of the world studying spirituality and healing. In 1989 she moved to Taos New Mexico where she was first introduced to the teachings of Sri Kaleshwar, one of India’s greatest spiritual teachers and healers.

While in New Mexico, Mesha continued studying Sai Shakti healing from the “Ancient Knowledge”, taught Meditation and practiced Sai Shakti healing. In 2000 she traveled to India for an intense, month-long mediation and healing program. Here she found the truth of knowledge for which she had been searching.

In 2006, Sri Kaleshwar opened his Soul University in South India and Mesha made the commitment to return to India to attend full time. Her time in India was spent in the direct study with the Swami Kaleshwar as well as leading student groups through power journeys to the most sacred spots in South India.

Today, Mesha has returned home to bring this knowledge and healing to all who are open and ready to learn a new way of living. She is committed to Swami’s mission to serve humanity and help to bring about an awareness that creates happiness in every person’s heart. She looks forward to working with you on your journey to health and wellness.

Mesha Moor
Certified Sri Kaleshwar Teacher and Healer


“I believe…”
•In the human body’s ability to heal itself.
•All people want to be loved, find happiness and joy, and
be empowered in their life.
•A coexistence with nature and through the divine
presence we can find solutions to all problems.
•In the Principles of Satya (truth), Dharma (right action),
Prema (love), and Shanthi (peace).
•In our ability to change.
~ Mesha Moor

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