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CBD Salve 1 oz
Joy Organics CBD Salve is packed with 500mgs of 100% Organic CBD oil from Hemp and 0% THC. This salve delivers safe and effective pain relief to muscles and joints while nourishing your skin with life-giving hydration. Grown and produced America. Learn More


Joy Organics CBD Salve is an all-natural deep penetrating way to hydrate the skin and target a specific area of concern. You can count on this CBD salve to deliver immediate relief to sore joints and muscles as well as nutritive hydration to the skin. Mixed with organic beeswax and essential oils, the CBD salve absorbs into the skin and is immediately effective.

Why Use Joy Organics CBD?

The quality of this and all their CBD products start with the plant. Joy Organics have worked with growers to ethically farm a unique Hemp plant that yields a full-spectrum CBD oil with very low amounts of THC. Their special processing technique allows for the removal of ALL of the remaining THC along with any residual solvents. This special process ensures the end-user of a high quality, reliable, and safe product.

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