Active Ice 3.0


Polar Products Cold Therapy System

Here is a cryotherapy unit made in America, quiet as a whisper, and tough enough to go the distance as you recover from surgery or injury.

It boasts a digital timer with on/off switch, unlike many others. This affordable and dependable unit by Polar Products will not let you down. Learn More


When you need focused reliable cryotherapy you need a Polar Products Active 3.0 electric cryotherapy unit. It is specifically for post-surgery or traumatic injury recovery. It is affordable, powerful, and whisper quiet. The unit comes with a 9-quart cooler and hoses with quick-release couplings to make getting up and down easier.

A unique feature of this unit is its adjustable digital timer. The timer adjusts in 30-minute increments allowing you to safely customize sessions according to your doctor’s recommendations.

Polar Products offers a variety of bladders from which to choose; knee, lumbar/hip, shoulder, rectangular, and universal. All have the same high flow, dry, and quick-release couplings. the bladders are well made with heavy-duty velcro straps to hold the pad in place.

When you are at your worst the Polar Products Active 3.0 is at its best making home care as stress-free as possible.


Knee, Lumbar and Hip, Shoulder, Rectangular, Universal


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