Recoup Fitness Cryosphere Cold Massage Roller


A great tool for self-myofascial release for low back, neck, quads, upper back, shoulders, forearms, tendon junctions, and more. Most anywhere you get an injury Recoup can help ease pain and reduce swelling. Used by professional athletes and weekend warriors nationwide. Learn More


Self-care should always be a part of any fitness program or regimen. Cold therapy is very useful for reducing inflammation and pain. But ice bags melt and get messy. Gel packs are less messy but they may not get cold enough nor do they hold the cold very long. Enter the cryosphere by Recoup Fitness. It freezes in 2 hours and holds the cold for up to 6 hours. The sphere comes in a case that allows it to roll in every direction. Remove the sphere from its case and use it by itself.

Use the cryosphere anywhere you need to ease pain and swelling. Target small areas like elbows for tendonitis, wrists for carpal tunnel, and the neck to decrease pain and increase mobility. Treat plantar fasciitis using the sphere by itself or ball side up while seated comfortably. Got sciatic pain? Place the sphere on the floor and gently roll onto it until you hit the right spot. Hold until you feel relief or gently roll over the spot in small circles.

Professional athletes and weekend warriors alike use the affordable The Recoup Fitness cryosphere as part of their daily self-care routine and injury recovery. So can you!

Legal Disclaimer
Recoup Fitness is not responsible for the misuse of the Recoup Fitness Cold Massage Roller: Please do not attempt to heat the ball in any way. Do Not place the cold roller ball on wet skin directly out of the freezer. Recommended: Use the Cold Roller Ball on treatment areas in 15 min increments. If the roller is too cold, do not use on direct skin and add a layer of clothing.


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