Ultra Osteo-Guard® Plus Bonolive®


From Douglas Laboratory comes this unique supplement for bone and joint health. This awesome bone-building supplement not only supplies bio-available calcium for building bone, but it also helps build stronger bones. Introducing Bonolive® from Douglas Laboratories, a trusted leader in holistic health supplements for over 30 years.

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From the time we are born, our bodies are in a constant state of formation and resorption of bone. When the body needs calcium, it resorbs calcium from bone. When we grow, play, workout, and perform activities of daily living we need calcium to form strong bones. As we age the body begins to lose bone mass (especially in women). Eating right and working out helps to maintain healthy calcium levels. But sometimes it is not enough.

How is bone formed?

There are two types of cells that play a role in bone formation and resorption. Bone forms or mineralizes by cells called osteoblasts. They are the more superficial of the two cells. Osteoblasts help the body build strong bones and teeth. Underneath the osteoblasts lie the osteoclasts. Osteoclasts are responsible for the resorption of bone. Resorption of bone supplies the body with the calcium it needs to perform many necessary functions. Typically, forming bone requires a combination of dietary calcium, vitamins (K2 and D), and minerals (boron, magnesium, and phosphorus).

Why is Calcium Important?

The body needs calcium to form strong bones and teeth. But it also needs calcium to perform other vital functions like blood clotting, muscle contraction, heartbeats, and fluid balance. But calcium alone is not enough. As mentioned above other substances are helping form healthy bones like vitamins and minerals.

How is Ultra Osteo-Guard® Plus Bonolive® different from other calcium supplements?

Ultra Osteo-Guard contains a patented calcium collagen formula. This formula chelates calcium and collagen a forming a strong and flexible framework of proteins that strengthens bone. It is called KoACT®. KoACT® helps bone withstand a greater daily impact. Good news for the aging population!

The PLUS portion of Ultra Osteo-Guard is Bonolive®. Bonolive® is a water-soluble extract of olive leaf oil. It contains the phenolic compound Oleuropein at about 40%. Oleuropein is proven in various studies to increase the number and activity of osteoblasts. In a 6-month randomized controlled trial of 124 patients 55 years and older, Bonolive® showed improved joint discomfort during walking, quality of life, and the ability to perform activities of daily living.


Ultra Osteo-Guard® Plus Bonolive® may:

  • Support bone density and flexibility
  • Support healthy bone building and metabolism
  • Improve knee and joint pain



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