Repetitive Use Injuries

If you work hard and/or play hard you are no stranger to the effects of repetitive motion on joints, muscles and tendons. These repetitive motion injuries are painful and often disrupt our daily activities forcing us to seek medical attention or some other type of intervention.

The key to dealing with repetitive motion injuries is to avoid them all together through establishing a good routine of preventive care. This can be done by creating balance between all muscle groups via massage, stretching, strengthening, and moist heat and /or cold therapies. None of these conservative therapies alone will repair injuries and maintain tissue health. It is very much a collaborative effort between therapist and client (heavy on the client) to do so.

Also, it is necessary to seek the aid of qualified therapists trained in techniques that focus on muscle injury recovery such as Sports Massage and Orthopedic Massage. These therapists are usually very familiar with techniques such as Muscle Spindle work, Myofascial Release, and Inner Capsule Adhesion Release. They also are usually well versed in human anatomy, postural analysis, stretching and strengthening protocols, and correct usage of hot and cold therapies.

Just as you are mind full of who does repair on your house, you should also be very mindful of who do reparation work on your body. When looking for a massage therapist call and ask questions. Good therapists are always happy to speak with you and answer as many questions as they can. A good therapist will also refer out to another medical professional, such as a physical therapist or personal trainer, if he or she believes the situation to be beyond their scope of practice.

So, get out there and enjoy life, but remember to think prevention and take care of your self!

Melissa Jarufe, LMT