Seven Simple Yoga Poses to Help Relieve the Pain of Arthritis

Upward Salute (1)

You have heard the old adage “Use it or lose it”. Well, that could not be more true when you have arthritis. In order to move you must keep moving. But, it hurts to move. Then again, it REALLY hurts not to move. So how can you get moving with the least amount of pain? In a word, Yoga.

Moving through yoga poses safely and gently provides movements that serves to warm, hydrate and slowly release fascia. Fascial release allows muscles (and muscle groups) to return to their original resting length gliding over each other in a smoother and pain-free fashion. As a result as well, there is less pressure on tendons and joints. Less pain reduces stress and anxiety and encourages a more active and satisfying lifestyle.

According to a 2015 study done by Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center, doing gentle forward bends, back bends, twists, balances, standing, sitting and lying poses, modifying as needed, can offer significant relief. It can increase muscle strength and endurance, balance,flexibility and mobility.

New Life provides Yoga Basic Series that will guide you into a safe and effective practice based on your abilities. Our Restorative classes will allow you to gently open the body under the watchful eye of a trained yoga instructor. Our Yoga Basic classes will help you practice all those poses that have you feeling better.

Standing Forward Bend (2)
Triangle Pose (3)
Reverse Triangle (4)







Cat Pose (5)
Cow Pose (6)
Childs Pose (7)










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