Stress Relief in 2016

DSC_7346ExpectIt’s a new year that’s full of promise and possibilities. However, if the thought of the new year has you stressed out, than there’s nothing betting than coming into New Life for a relaxing retreat. We offer many stress busting services such as massage, reflexology, Yoga, meditation, Reiki or NIA.

In fact, according to a 2013 consumer survey conducted by Harstad Strategic Research, 45% of the respondents stated they use massage therapy for stress relief. 70% of them also listed relaxation and restoration as a reason for getting a massage.

Reflexology has a lot of the same benefits as massage but is done only on the feet (and sometimes the hands). The feet have reflex points which correlate to different parts of the body. Yoga is also a great stress reliever because it teaches proper breathing techniques which can help to lower blood pressure.

Being focused on your breathing also allows you to be in the moment and get out of your head, which brings me to meditation. Meditation teaches one how to breath out stress and breath in peace and tranquility. Once this is achieved, it allows the rest of the day to sail smoothly along. Reiki is a technique that uses energy to help open up the chakras (energy fields in the body) to help you feel more balanced and relaxed.

Maybe you have too much energy and need to dance it off? Then NIA is the right class for you. It is non-impact aerobic exercise which has you moving and grooving, swinging and swaying to upbeat music with no jumping which is hard on the joints.

Whichever one of these stress busters appeals to you, they are all offered at New Life. So start this new year out right and make an appointment or sign up for a class now! You’ll be happy you did!