The Rewards of Walking

walking-the-stairsWe all know that walking is great exercise but do you know all of the benefits? Besides being free, easy to do and also easy on the joints it is also considered to be an aerobic exercise.

And as long as you have these 3 elements, duration, intensity and frequency you will be walking pretty. It has been recommended by the standards set by American Heart Association/American College of Sports Medicine that able-bodied adults walk briskly 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes.

Because brisk walking is considered to be one form of moderate exercise, it has cardiovascular effects including improving blood pressure and cholesterol and inflammation.

It also helps fight obesity and mental stress. (and who doesn’t need to clear their head once in awhile?) In fact, According to a Harvard helath Publication from August 2009 ( brisk walking along with other forms of moderate exercise can also protect against PAD (peripheral artery disease), colon cancer, depression, dementia and diabetes.

More research done by Michael A. Schwartz, M.D. of Plancher Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in New York shows that for people diagnosisd with osteroprosis, it can stop the loss of bone mass.

Another study done by Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston found that post-menopausal women who walked 30 minutes each day reduced their risk of hip fractures by 40 percent.

According to an article on the Arthritis Foundation’s website, Benefits of Walking (

There are several other benefit including improving circulation;strengthens muscles especially in your legs and adbdominal muscles which in turn can also help to lessen arthritis pain; it helps to improve sleep and it helps to supports your joints.
So start walking today for a more happier healthier You!