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Trying One Of Our Yoga Classes Is Easy 

Since the 1960’s yoga has gained significantly in popularity.  In fact, it’s difficult these days, NOT to find a Yoga studio close to where you live.  However, it may be difficult to decide which type of yoga to practice, since there are many styles from which to choose.

At New Life, we offer a simple range of classes mostly designed to teach beginner’s, restore vitality and reduce stress.  Beginner’s, don’t worry!  We have yoga classes, that will help you start your practice safely and correctly.  Plus we have other health and wellness services as well.


We recommend you begin opening your muscles, joints, and tendons with one of the restorative or chair yoga classes.  When you are ready,  join a Yoga Basics class or series.  Both will teach you the poses and patterns of breath, but a Series will give you a deeper and richer understanding of yoga.

Below are brief descriptions of current classes.  Once you have learned the basics, step it up to an all levels flow class.  from there, the sky’s the limit.

It is important to note, sign-up is not required but suggested, as occasionally classes may be canceled or a substitute instructor may be teaching your class.

 Please Call 440-930-2044 if you have any questions.

Class Descriptions

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is wonderful option for those who cannot easily get up and down from their yoga mat. A regular yoga practice can provide countless physical and mental benefits. Even after one yoga practice you can expect to walk away feeling calm, relaxed, buoyant, more balanced and refreshed.

Chair yoga is a series of sequenced movements that connect with your breath to achieve a continuous flow like Vinyasa (using a mat) yoga but with the stability of using a chair.

There are numerous benefits to chair yoga. Yoga can help strengthen and lengthen stiff muscles, boost the immune system, improve balance and posture, reduce stress and anxiety. Yoga relaxes the mind, allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to keep hormones in balance and reduce inflammation. The gentle exercise and connection of breath tones and massages the inner organs, reducing constipation, boosting immunity, and maximizing organ health. Yoga can reduce joint swelling, increase joint mobility, reduce chances of a fall, improve cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and much more.

Hatha Yoga
This is a traditional class. It focuses on controlled breathing and short-held poses. Comprised of standing and seated postures that will move you towards a place of daily strength, flexibility, and vitality. Appropriate for all levels.    Mats and props available or bring your own.

Each week’s class theme will vary, pulling from one of the following yoga disciplines: Hatha, Yin-Yang, Kundalini, Amrit, Yin, Chair, and Restorative postures, breath work, and deep relaxation.

All Levels Flow
This class teaches the basics of yoga flow.  It is designed for those who are comfortable with the basics enough try their hand at putting it ALL together in a slow rhythmic flow. It is also great for those who may be returning to their practice and want a refresher.

Focusing on proper alignment and balance, your instructor will help you better understand your bodies limitations while opening joints for more free movement. This is a safe, supportive class that will help you develop a healthy yoga practice.

Yoga Basics 
Beginners, returning yogis, and competitive athletes will increase the range of motion in joints and create openness throughout the body. You will become familiar with alignment focused postures that bring the integrity of health and a stronger connection between the mind, body, and heart.

Gentle/Restorative Yoga
This class is truly beneficial for every “body”. Perfect for those who wish to start a yoga practice or for tired overworked bodies. Feel your “self” peel open from within layers of stress and unwind in a noncompetitive, warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Warm Power Yoga
This class is a fitness-based approach to Vinyasa-style yoga. Power Yoga is considered an offshoot of Ashtanga Yoga and has many qualities in common. Sequences are individual to each instructor and students synchronize their breath to movement as they increase inner heat, stamina strength, and flexibility. The original Power Yoga was developed and founded by Beryl Bender Birch, but is now a term used to describe many vigorous vinyasa styles.

Vinyasa Level II
This Vinyasa style class, at 83-85 degrees, is for intermediate to seasoned yogis. It will require at least 5 basic and/or slow yoga flow classes under your belt, a sweat towel and bottle of water.

By softening the mind and connection to breath, you will be returned a stronger, more flexible body and happier heart. Intermediate/Advanced

Vinyasa Level I
With attention to breath and alignment, this smooth and fluid yoga practice will gently strengthen the body and calm the mind. No heat, all levels


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