FREE Yoga Sampler

Come Discover Just How Good Yoga Can Be For You!

On March 20th from 11 am to 2 pm New Life Massage & Whole Living Solutions will host Avon Lake’s own Margo Gemperline and Mary Kay McDade in a fun filled day of discovering yoga.  Many of you have called in or stopped by to inquire about our yoga classes.  Most of you are new to yoga and wondering where to start.  Here is a GREAT day to do just that!

Come for some come for all you are welcome in this space.

Registration starts at 10:30 am


Yoga-Slow-FlowBasic Slow Flow (11:00 am)

For newcomers to yoga,  learn easy and simple yoga poses to relax the body in a calming, gentle manner.  You will work on poses that strengthen the supporting muscles of the major joints, like shoulders, hips, knees, ankles. You willŸ develop the core, build stability, improves breathing.

Beginner to Intermediate- standing and sitting poses

Hatha Yoga/Hatha Chair Yoga (11:25 am)

Hatha is the most common style of yoga practiced worldwide. It is a flow class, but slower in pace than a Vinyasa class.  Hatha is very focused on alignment, and a deep awareness of the mind body connection.

Hatha Chair yoga uses the same postures as Hatha, but relies on the use of a chair to provide support, as well as a deeper expression and study of each pose.

Beginner to Intermediate- standing and sitting poses

Prenatal Yoga (11:50 am)

A gentle series of movements for the Mother-in-Waiting. Sequences include poses that open hips, release sacroiliac joints, increase strength and balance, stretch thighs and hamstrings, and relieve low back, neck and shoulder discomfort. Use of yoga props, such chair, bolster, blocks and yoga strap, will also be taught.

Appropriate for all trimesters – standing and sitting poses

Yoga Triangle PoseKundalini Yoga (12:15 pm)

Kundalini was first introduced to the US in 1969 by Yogi Bhajan, from Indian. It is a very old style of yoga that places little if any emphasis on alignment and adjustments. The focus of Kundalini Yoga is on energy anatomy.

Through breath work, and exercises or Kriyas, Kundalini energy moves up the body through the Chakras. Balancing of the Chakras and integration of the mind body is achieved through these techniques. Breath of Fire is the primary practice of Kundalini yoga. Only a few props are used; such as blankets to sit on or drape over your body.

Beginner to Intermediate- standing and sitting poses

Amrit Yoga (12:40 pm)

Amrit Yoga was founded by the Indian Yoga Master, Amrit Desai. It usually 90 minutes in length and uses poses in sequence. The sequences include: centering, breath exercises, sun salutations, and postures with meditative pauses between segments.

Amrit Yoga is based on the belief that these exercises cleanse the nervous system, thereby allowing experiences that expand your consciousness. Amrit focuses less on alignment and more on breath and consciousness. No props are used in Amrit style.

Beginner to Intermediate- standing and sitting poses

Yoga out sideYin/Yang Yoga (1:05 pm)


Yin Yoga is a non flow form that is more meditative in nature with the poses held for up to 5 minutes. With Yin yoga, deep tissues are stretched , for example, ligaments, tendons, fascia and joints. Yin yoga helps to open areas of the body that are tight.


Yang yoga is the companion style to Yang yoga. Minimal props are used, but not discouraged.It borrows from Tai Chi and Chi Gong methods. Yang is the active and more physically challenging companion to Yin Yoga. Yang is a new style of yoga practice in the US. The postures are similar to Hatha poses , but are named to reflect Chinese culture, and The Tao, rather than Indian culture.

Beginner to Intermediate- standing and sitting poses

Gently Stretch it Out (1:30 pm)

Here is basics class about the importance of stretching every day to enjoy a pain free life.  We will focus on a series of easy, self-stretches designed for the upper and lower body.  Learn the trick to increasing flexibility.   See how some of the stretches are also Yoga poses which you can blend and combine into your own routine!

Also included is a beginner’s demonstration on how to use a foam roller to further enhance your stretching session and eliminate chronic pain.  All exercises are done in a variety of standing, sitting, and reclined positions.  Modifications will be discussed.  All ages welcome.

Beginner to Intermediate- standing and sitting poses