YOGA and children

Kids-YogaAdults don’t often realize how stressful children’s lives are. Not only do they have the pressures of school, sports, church and social events they also are working around their parents’ busy work and social schedules.

All of this hustle and bustle has an effect on their psyche and it’s not always a positive or joyful one as we might expect. Yoga can help manage symptoms of stress and anxiety in children.

If you practice yoga, you already know it’s benefits. It is the same for children. Not only does it have physical benefits for them, such as better flexibility, coordination and strength, it also helps their psyche. Self esteem is gained through learning self awareness and the ability to calm the mind, and concentrate.

It teaches them how to breathe better and how to balance their bodies. In learning this awareness, it helps to teach them how to take better care of their bodies and themselves. It can also improve their sleep since it is also a form of exercise.

One of the best things about teaching children yoga is that it can be done alone or with a friend or many friends, which means it also helps teach them how to interact with other children as well as find a deeper connection or bond with one another that may last a lifetime.

All of our yoga teachers here at New Life work with children and teenagers and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We even offer a discount for all new students as well as teens and college students. Call us today to make an appointment or you can go to our website ( to sign up for a class. Your kids will thank you for it!

Marie Pietras, LMT
August 2015


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