Starting a Yoga Practice Is Easy!

I meet people almost daily who express their desire to learn yoga but are afraid that they are going to be asked to perform incredible feats of extreme, dexterity and flexibility.

First things first

But, our Restorative Yoga instructor, Kara Dolan-Laudi would be the first to tell you you have to learn to crawl, and in some cases just lie still, before you can walk. Kara teaches our Restorative Yoga class on Thursday nights at 7 pm and welcomes all peoples of all shapes and sizes to join her in calming the mind body and spirit to gently stretch the limits of the body.

Preparation is everything

In this way she will help you relax, de-stress and prepare your body to receive healing through the practice of yoga. Yoga begins first with the mindset of “Yes I Can”. And at New Life we are here to support that mindset.

Then when you feel up to it you can progress into the yoga basics class on Tuesday night with Toby Mohlman. Here you will learn the most basic things you need to know to begin a yoga practice.

Onward and upward

At New Life we always want to help you become better and stronger in your practice. Once you have opened and loosened the body and have learned a few cool yoga moves from Toby, you may want to try¬† Lana’s All Levels class on Wednesday evenings at 5:15, or one of Kara’s Hatah Yoga classes on Mondays and Thursdays at 5:45 pm. For more of a challenge we have Tiffany Barbarine’s Vinyasa classes on Saturday mornings.

Making it easier

So you see, how to start a yoga practice is easy at New Life. It is actually taking that first step that is the hardest. So, let us help you take that step. If you have any questions, feel free to call any of our instructors directly. They will be happy to help.

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Melissa Jarufe, LMT


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