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About Us

Setting Ourselves Apart

New Life was founded with the ideas that …
Preventing illness is better than curing illness, Maintaining health is better than restoring health, and Investing in our health sooner is better than later.

Our goal is to teach and enlighten individuals on holistic ways to handle the stress of daily living which can cause pain and illness.
Our Core Values
Excellence – ‘Good enough’ is never good enough.
Empowerment – Your body’s ability to heal comes from the inside out. We provide techniques and encouragement to help you tap into that power.
Responsibility – We take it as our responsibility to always be learning new and better ways of addressing our clients’ concerns.
Integrity – We honor our commitments and genuinely listen to our clients’ needs.

This is who we are and what you can expect each time you visit.

We offer Massage and Energy alternative healing modalities, certified organic pharmaceutical grade essential oils, essential oil accessories, and access to other health and well-being products. If you have never visited our website, we invite you to take the time to explore. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email us.

In Business Since 2007

melissaHello and welcome. My name is Melissa Jarufe. I began my working career as a chemist and hold a degree in Chemistry from the University of Southern Mississippi. I worked in the field of chemistry for 20 years and then went back to school for Massage Therapy in September of 2005.

I am often why I changed my career as a Chemist for a career as a Massage Therapist. The best answer is to briefly tell my story.

A Life-Changing Event
In the Autumn of 1997, I fell while ice skating with my children and suffered a bad concussion.
Three years later I took a plane ride that changed my life. Soon after the plane ride, I developed chronic headaches. The pain increased steadily until I was at a pain level of 10. It remained that way for 2 years.

Literally Walking Into A New Life
Never having experienced massage, and quite out of desperation, I stopped in one afternoon for a massage. My therapist was knowledgeable, compassionate and patient as she led me into the world of massage and the huge impact it would have on my life and the lives of those around me.

It took 8 months of massage for my pain to reduce to a level of 8 and another 6 months to reduce to a level of 3. I learned a lot about pain and a lot about myself in those 14 months. Massage so profoundly affected my life, that I went back to school to start a brand new career as a Massage Therapist.

A New Beginning
And so, in a small one-room rental space, after receiving my license in July of 2007, New Life Massage Therapy, LLC began. I was a one-man show for several years moving around from Bay Village to Rocky River to Westlake before settling in the city of Avon Lake Ohio in April of 2014.

Here we have assembled some of the best independent contractors around. We have come together to offer the people of our community and surrounding communities a wider variety of alternative solutions to everyday aches and pains, chronic pain, pain-related to chronic illness, injury recovery, and maintaining a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Best wishes,

Melissa Jarufe, LMT
Founder & Manager