Nia – Non Impact Aerobics

Nia!   Classes For Mind & Whole Body. Experience True Movement Fitness!

Are You Tired, Run Down or Think You’re Too Old for Fitness?

Then think again.  Nia, can have you back in shape no matter how old you are, or what fitness level you’re at.  No-One is left out, or behind in the class you chose to take.  You can follow along at your own pace!

See why so many people around the world are finding and LOVING Nia!

Its’ all about you experiencing JOY while getting into shape!  Step in with us, into a sensory-based adventure for the whole being. Imagine moving to soul-stirring music, in a way that brings you joy – joy for the body, mind, spirit, and emotions.

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Warm Up

What is NIA?

Nia classes use a collection of 52 moves to invite and empower the individual to move in their Body’s Way.

A combination of yin (soft, rounded movement), and yang (sharp punches, blocks and kicks), gets the body moving in a balanced and sustainable way.

The technique draws on a combination of dance arts.

It includes Jazz, Modern and Duncan Dance styles; martial arts, including Tai Chi, TaeKwonDo and Aikido; and the body mind healing arts of Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique and Yoga.

Nia, is easy on the body but, allows for complete fitness.

Is NIA for me?  

Nia is incredibly adaptable and suitable for people of all ages, with all levels of ability.  Done barefooted, the movements are low impact and beneficial to the joints and muscles of the whole body, from the base, through the core and upper extremities.  The technique is suitable for fitness enthusiasts as well, challenging flexibility, agility, mobility, stability and strength.

Nia’s teaching style emphasizes internally directed guidance, uses visual and sensory language, user-friendly choreography and can be adapted to fit personal needs.  As described by Joe Miller, health and fitness columnist for, Nia is “about indulging yourself. It’s about pleasure.  It’s about listening to your body and doing what it wants it to do, not what some hard-body drill instructor want it to do. And strangely, it’s exercise.”

You Can Easily Sign Up For A Class

Our Nia classes are taught by a licensed Nia instructor who shares her own joy of movement, inspiring the same in others.

Classes can be adapted to individual needs and abilities using three stages of learning. Beginners are welcome.



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