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What is the Womb Chakra?

The Womb Chakra is the sacred place from which we create our lives. The Womb Chakra is beyond all chakras because every soul is linked with the mother’s womb. It is that energy we call essence. Because we come through the wombs of our ancestors, we carry this energy with us. Our thoughts and desires, karmas and actions, relationships and creativity are generated through our Womb Chakra.

Why Do I Need Womb Chakra Healing?

Womb Chakra healings are important purifications for both men and women. This series of sessions purify the karmic residue that is stored in our Womb Chakra. This helps eliminate obstacles, opening up a pathway to clarity, willpower and creativity.


When the Womb Chakra is strong men and women report:

  • Relief from effects of heartbreak, depression, illnesses, and confusion
  • Strong ability to access and implement creative energy
  • Untangling the impact of past relationships
  • Gaining more control over the emotions, especially anger
  • Able to carry strong healing abilities
  • Increased clarity

How does Womb Chakra Healing Work?

The Sacred Womb Chakra Healings take place over 9 separate one-on-one sessions. These must be at least 24 hrs apart over 9 consecutive days, or the nine sessions can be spread out over months, or simply nine days that are not-consecutive.

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