Eden Energy Medicine

Faith, Patience, and an Open Heart

What is Eden Energy Medicine (EEM)?

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) was developed by Donna Eden, a world renowned healer and pioneer in bringing energy medicine back to the forefront of modern day medicine.

Eden Energy Medicine uses Applied Kinesiology (muscle strength testing) to identify weakness in energy systems and teaches specific techniques to re-balance energies restoring harmony.

Eden Energy Medicine recognizes the value of Western Medicine and it is not intended to cure or diagnose illness.  However, those that use EEM report the following

Increase energy levels
Creates Vitality
Promotes calm in high-stress situations
Reduces pain
Creates harmony in relationships
Increase self-confidence
Open connection to spirit
Enjoy your life more

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is a category of integrative or alternative medicine which includes such disciplines as Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais method, and Qi Gong.  Each discipline has its own unique approach to energy health, but all focus on balancing the energies of the body in efforts to help you look better, feel better, and live better.  EFT and Meditation are also considered Energy Medicine but deal more with thought and emotion energies.

How does it work?

According to Quantum Physics (the study of small particles such as atoms), when you get to the smallest particles of matter there is only energy.  Therefore how energy flows,  can have a positive or negative impact on how we look, think, and feel.

In fact, Western Medicine uses energy every day in diagnostic tools such as MRI’s, EKG’s and pacemakers.  Unfortunately, some of these are only diagnostic tools.  They can help enlighten a path to healing but can not address the cause of pain or illness.

For centuries ancient cultures across the globe have tapped into the power of energy to help the body regain balance, harmony, and health.    Some cultures, such as the Chinese, have attempted to map energy flow patterns and centers.  They call the flow patterns meridians and centers Chakras.

Based on these maps, healers from many cultures have developed techniques to help us understand better how energy works and how we can best interact with it in positive, meaningful ways to affect health and well-being.  Acupuncturists and Reflexologists, for example, use information based on the Chinese meridians to treat their patients.

How energy healing works is hard to describe.  For those who have an open mind and heart, it is a powerful experience that has healing in its wake which grows and deepens as the methods bring peace and joy into their lives.  For those who remain skeptical, we can only encourage you to step out on faith and allow yourself to know what others have found for centuries…there is a better way.

Who Teaches EEM at New Life?

Peggy Koelliker is a Holistic Energy Coach and owner of The Healing Connection.  Through private sessions, group/corporate workshops and speaking engagements, she teaches self-care techniques using A variety of Energy work, including EFT to help you stay healthy, relaxed and connected to your heart.

Her compassion and expertise will help you remove limiting beliefs, think with greater clarity and be present in the moment.

Peggy Koelliker, C.EHP, EEM-AP, EFTCert-I, CH Eden
Energy Medicine -Advanced Practitioner
Energy Health & Wellness Coach

For More Information, Contact Peggy At:

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“At the root of it all, in every one of us, is an Exquisite Vibration.”

Donna Eden, Founder of Eden Energy Medicine


The term “medicine” in Eden Energy Medicine should not be taken to mean that any EEM practitioner is practicing medicine.  It is an industry term used in training programs when learning techniques of assessment and correction as it pertains to the energy of the body in influencing the mind and emotions. Energy Medicine is not a substitute for any diagnosis and/or treatment of medical or mental health conditions by a licensed health care professional.


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