What is Meditation?

Have you ever wanted to practice meditation but thought your mind to active? Traditional Meditation is a daily practice of stillness and quieting the mind. From stillness comes the ability to reset the mind, body, and spirit; to create harmony between our environment and those around us.

In this place of quietness we are able to listen and gain insight from knowledge we have accumulated and experiences we have faced. Through meditation we discover are own truth, power and wisdom at the same time we release stress and any other negativity that is creating disturbances in our life. These disturbances can affect our ability to focus, have clarity, and create problems in our relationships, finances or health.

What type of meditation is Find “The Silence Within”?

All are welcome. No Experience Necessary!

There are many different forms of Meditation. Find “The Silence Within” is a Mantra Meditation. Mantra Meditation is a process of purifying and charging our body and soul. It is meditation that will help you identify blocks (emotions and thought patterns and that hold you back from achieving your goals) and give you a constructive and effective way of eliminating them. In this way you will move closer to finding true peace and joy in your life.

Session usually include:

  • 20 Minute Teaching on Meditation
  • 35 Minute Meditation
  • 20 Minute Sharing and Questions

Benefits of Meditation

  • Encourages relaxation of mind and body
  • Deepens sense of peace and well being
  • Aids in identification of emotional and spiritual blocks
  • Promotes mind, body, spirits connections
  • Clears mind Improves focus
  • Relieves anxiety and depression
  • Establishes better sleep patterns

Your Instructor

Mesha Moor
Certified Sri Kaleshwar Healer

PH: 330-818-5536


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