What to Expect For Your First Massage

What to Expect

Expect The Best!

Many live their stressful lives day to day without taking any time off just for themselves.  Choosing massage is the first step to laying a good foundation for wellness.  Whether you come to just relax or work on a specific issues massage can transform your life.

Your First Massage Session

All massage sessions begin by filling out a client intake form which highlights specific medical concerns of the client.  Once the paperwork is filled out, the client and therapist will have a brief discussion surrounding the clients needs and issues.

This is a good time to communicate to your therapist any concerns that you may have.  Remember,  the more we know about you the better we can customize the massage to fit your needs.

How The Massage Session Begins

A typical massage session begins with the client being permitted to undress to his/her comfort level.  The client will then lie on a massage table with a  sheet and/or blanket draped over the body.

The body is always covered and draping techniques employed to preserve the clients privacy.   Keep in mind that only that part which is being worked on will be uncovered.

About Pressure Used

The pressure used during a massage will depend first on the clients comfort level and second on the techniques being used.  A relaxation massage can use light,  medium or firm pressure.

A therapeutic massage usually employs medium to firm and a deep tissue can use firm to very firm once the tissues have been opened and prepared for deep pressure.

This is your massage so be sure to communicate with your therapist if something hurts or is uncomfortable (including lighting and music).

Other Massage Options

Sometimes there is the option of adding aromatherapy treatment to heighten the holistic experience of the massage.

If you have a particular preference of massage oil please let the therapist know ahead of time so arrangements can be made to accommodate your request.  Typically,  a water soluble gel, coconut oil or organic cream is used.

The massage takes place in a quiet, comforting environment, with soft music and dimmed lights.    Sessions can last from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the type of massage.

Massage FAQ’s

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